Published 20th March 2017

Writing a job description is one of the most important things you can do when recruiting staff. For anyone employing their first staff member, it can help them to decide what support they need; how many hours they require the role to cover and at what level to recruit.

Even for more experienced recruiters, it’s key to have a good job description in place for each role within your business. Our 5 Top Tips for writing a job description:


  1. Use the same format for each job description.

  2. Brainstorm everything you want this person to do – write down, in no particular order, what their responsibilities will be, and what tasks you would like them to perform to achieve this – this will give you a basis for writing your job description.

  3.  Ensure that you write the job description based on your ideal candidate, not on you / someone already in the role.

  4. Include qualifications and work experience, but also include personal skills such as communication; negotiating skills; organised.

  5.  Always add a final point at the end of your job description, something like “Any other tasks as requested by the Company (or Directors / Managers, whichever is applicable in your case)”


We hope you found this information helpful – if you need further information on any of these topics, we’d love to hear from you!

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