Published 13th March 2017


Recruiting the right person to your business is one of the most important things you’ll do. The interview process provides just a short snapshot of candidates, giving you a limited space of time to make your decision. Here are 5 Top Tips to help you in recruiting the right people:


  1. Write a job description prior to advertising for a new role, pinpointing accountabilities and tasks, so that it’s clear in your mind exactly what you need from the role.

 2. When sifting CV’s, highlight the most important requirements from your job description and ensure that you shortlist those people who have the skills / type of experience you are looking for.

 3. Ensure you have a list of questions to ask individuals at each interview, and make notes – this way you can compare individuals, and you’ll have a good record which will jog your memory when reviewing candidates.

 4. Always hold interviews with at least one other person on the ‘panel’ – this gives you a chance to alternate between asking questions and making notes (as a business, it also gives you added security in case a disgruntled candidate decides to complain about how the interview was conducted).

 5. Consider using some type of profiling during the interview stage (if you’re holding a 2-part interview, it’s a good idea to use this after the 1st interview, for those you’re shortlisting to 2nd).


We hope you found this information helpful – if you need further information on any of these topics, we’d love to hear from you!

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